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Making Education Techno-Friendly
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Modern formal education is one of the ancient systems followed by us despite the amazing innovations achieved by mankind. Many students are still limited to access learning only by going to those buildings we call schools and colleges. Education is the key to our survival and growth and it should be updated with the innovations that have the potential to add value to a student’s life.

Ed-Tech startups today are doing exactly what needs to be done in the education sector. We have thousands of startups solving different problems faced by the students. Let’s take a look at the new and innovative ways of learning brought by Ed-Tech startups.



Several pieces of research have suggested that children are more inclined towards learning when its a fun activity for them. You might recall that teachers let you play in primary school and still you grew you learned things and moved to further classes, that’s because they knew that learning with games is fun. The perfectly scientific reason for that is that our prefrontal cortex, which focuses on fun and pleasure, is one of the most dominant parts of the brain.

Modern-day startups are utilizing this to come up with products that are integrating learning with fun activities and games. Imagine being taught calculus with the help of dinosaurs. Many Ed-Tech startups have developed apps which are games apps which actually which provide learning of subjects like languages, math, physics etc.


Immersive Learning

Books have been in this world since the time we can’t even imagine but that hasn't stopped Ed-Tech startups to look for options beyond them and bring ideas that increase the immersiveness of the lessons. These innovations have been more importantly towards visual simulation. It’s proven that our brain is approximately 10 times more simulated by the visual cues as compared to hearing or touching.

Startups have come up with technologies that pull the learner into the lessons giving them the first hand experience of it, almost. Imagine being taught about automobiles while graphics and animation give you a realistic feel of what exactly goes on inside the car. Many startups are also working with technologies like augmented reality to bring better immersive learning tools for students. 


Anywhere-Anytime learning

Everything is a competition in today’s fast-moving world and we have to utilize every second of our day. From having live lectures at the comfort of your home to clearing doubts in real-time, so much is made possible by the startups. Many startups have come up with projects that let you learn anywhere and anytime via apps even if you don’t have an internet connection. Anything that comes in the way of learning is being eliminated by innovative ideas of startups.

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