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Making Education Techno-Friendly
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We were all created equal and Ed-Tech startups leave no barriers for anyone who is willing to learn. Learning is a basic right for everybody and everyone shall have it. While the Ed-Tech sector was starting out, startups focused only on a few subjects and topics. It was for various reasons like resource availability, economic viability etc. But over time most of the problems have been overcome and a vast majority of subjects and topics have been added to the portfolio of startups today. 

It is very important to bring diversity in learning because everyone should be given the privilege to learn from the latest innovative learning platforms. All three major streams-science, arts, and commerce- are mostly covered today with more and more content being added exponentially. Let’s take a look at the ground reality of this diversity brought by startups.



Science has played a major role in our advancements we have achieved today. Science is one of the earliest topics to be covered by Ed-Tech startups because of the hardships faced by the students. Startups have been focusing on various aspects and resources of e-learning. Special focus is been given to engineering and medical students by developing powerful visual content using advanced animations to teach students the concepts of science. Research professionals are also being catered to by personalized topic explanation by many apps. Startups have also developed advanced tests for better gauging and improvement.



Arts have been especially difficult for startups to work on. Subjects like humanities, painting, music etc. have their own difficulties in being engaged in e-learning. This is primarily because of the need for great teachers for such sensitive topics. Many startups have been recently focused on solving problems specifically for arts subjects on many fronts. Startups have brought the experts of each field to figure out the best ways to teach remotely. E-learning for arts include e-books, live classes from the best teachers, etc. Startups are using technologies like augmented reality to teach difficult topics like painting and music. High-end graphics are being used to teach subjects like geography, history, etc. With the recent breakthroughs, more and more topics are being added in the portfolio of startups for e-learning.



With economies moving forward very fast, it has become difficult for institutions to cope with the rising demand for great executives in industries. Startups have been figuring out ways to bridge this gap and starting to target it from schools to b-schools. From providing online classes to live simulation of the business scenarios, startups have been focusing on the quality and reach of such quality. Not just regular commerce and business topics, professional courses like CA, CFA, Actuarial etc. are also been focused on by startups. This list of subjects is ever-growing and unending.

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